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$50 Respirator Mask Fitting

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OccMed FL provides quality and affordable respirator fitting – qualitative AND quantitative.

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$30 Respirator Questionnaire

Follow OSHA Requirements.

This review is mandatory for fit testing. We can administer the OSHA questionnaire review.

  • A respirator questionnaire is a form used to assess a worker’s ability to wear a respirator mask safely and comfortably.
  • Respirator questionnaires typically include questions about the worker’s medical history, including any conditions that may affect their ability to wear a respirator mask, such as asthma or heart problems.
  • Respirator questionnaires may also ask about the worker’s job duties and exposure to hazardous substances to determine which type of respirator mask is appropriate for their job.

$50 Quantitative Fit Testing

respirator quantitative fit test

Our Quantitative Fit Testing can be booked as an office visit any day or on location (Tuesdays) with a on-location fee of $125.

Our Respirator Quantitative Fit Testing provides a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of respirators worn by your staff. Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art equipment to measure the fit and seal of respirators to ensure that they provide optimal protection against airborne contaminants. We perform both qualitative and quantitative tests, providing detailed reports and recommendations for improving the fit of respirators. Our tests are conducted in accordance with the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). With our Respirator Quantitative Fit Test service, you can rest assured that your staff is adequately protected from potentially harmful airborne particles. Contact us to schedule a Respirator Quantitative Fit Test for your team today.

$50 Qualitative Fit Testing

respirator qualitative fit test

Our Qualitative Fit Testing can be booked as an office visit any day or on location (Tuesdays) with a on-location fee of $125.

Our Respirator Qualitative Fit Test service ensures that your employees are adequately protected and able to safely use respirators on the job. Our trained technicians use a proven testing method to evaluate the fit of respirators and identify any leaks or gaps that could compromise worker safety. We provide hands-on training to educate workers on proper respirator use and maintenance. The testing process is quick and accurate, allowing employees to return to work promptly. By opting for our Respirator Qualitative Fit Test service, you are showcasing your commitment to worker safety and compliance with industry regulations. Don’t compromise on safety – choose our reliable and efficient service to protect your employees.

  • Qualitative fit testing is a method of assessing whether a respirator mask provides a proper seal on the wearer’s face.
  • Qualitative fit testing uses a solution or aerosol to test the fit of the respirator mask. The wearer will be asked to perform various exercises, such as deep breathing, head movements, and talking, while wearing the mask.
  • During the test, the wearer will be asked to indicate whether they can taste, smell, or otherwise detect the solution or aerosol. If they cannot, it is an indication that the respirator mask is properly fitted.
  • If the wearer detects the solution or aerosol, adjustments to the mask may be made or a different size or style of respirator mask may be recommended.
  • Qualitative fit testing is required by OSHA for workers who are required to wear respirator masks in certain industries, such as healthcare, construction, and manufacturing.
  • Qualitative fit testing should be performed annually for workers who are required to wear respirator masks.

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